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MIDDLE EAST: By orders from the UAE .. Hamidati supports Hafter with men to fight against the government of reconciliation


About 1,000 members of Sudan's rapid support force, led by Vice-President of the Military Council, Mohammed Hamdan Hamidi, flew last week in eastern Libya to fight alongside retired Libyan brigade commander Khalifa Hafter against the internationally recognized national reconciliation government, the Middle East News website reported.

The report said the number of fast-support fighters could rise to 4,000 in the next few months, and that UAE documents supporting Haftar showed instructions for the transfer of Sudanese fighters to Libya through neighboring Eritrea.

According to documents signed by Hamidati on behalf of the military junta in May and published in the United States, the transfer of these forces to support Hafar's forces was proposed in a $ 6 million deal between the Sudanese military junta and Dickens & Madson of former Israeli intelligence agent Ari Ben Manachi, which has a history of past transactions in Libya.

According to the British news website, bin Manachi, born in Tehran, has a strong intelligence record. He was arrested and tried in the United States in 1989 while trying to sell weapons to Iran.

His acquittal was acquitted after an arbitral tribunal in New York accepted his plea that he acted on orders from Israel.

The website said Ari Ben Manachi was involved in efforts to promote the transitional military junta in Sudan under a contract signed by the Canadian company Dickens & Madson, founded by Ben Manachi.

Support for a paid hopper
Under the deal, Dickens & Madsen will seek funding for the Transitional Military Council in Sudan from the military command for eastern Libya, in return for military assistance to Hafar's forces.

In a telephone conversation this week, Benmanshi told him that the issue of funding for military assistance in the deal had not yet taken place, but added that it was only possible when the Sudanese government took over as a civilian prime minister.

Other documents published on the website of the US Foreign Agents Registration Office show that Bin Manashi has provided public relations and promotional services to many Libyan groups, including Hafar's, since the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime in 2011.

Libyan government forces broadcast confessions of Sudanese prisoners who were fighting with a donkey in Gharyan,

The latest agreement with Sudan is the fourth for Dickens & Madson, which is linked to Libya. Western observers have described Libya's turbulent context as a "brutal Libyan West" suitable for lobbyists.

Miscellaneous services
The Middle East said that the Canadian company has been providing services to its customers ranging from polishing their images and linking them to diplomatic relations, to facilitate the sale of oil and bring military aid hundreds of millions of dollars to Libya.

Huffter, one of Dickens & Madson's clients in 2015, according to the US Foreign Agents Registration Office, which he lists with others - including the House of Representatives in eastern Libya - as "major foreign agents" has pledged to promote their recognition and support. The United States and Russia, as well as seeking $ 500 million in military aid from Moscow.

Source: aljazeera

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