The diplomatic mission noted that this Washington decision raises many questions, given that the British side did not present the results of the official investigation.

“The investigation is held in the strictest secrecy of the Russian side, the world community and media representatives, which indicates the unwillingness of the British authorities to reveal the real picture of what happened and the absence of any evidence confirming Russia's involvement in this incident,” the report states.

The embassy also stressed that the United States "continues to use last year's staging with the poisoning in the UK of a former British agent and his daughter to aggravate relations with Russia."

Earlier, the State Department has published a document on the introduction of a second package of sanctions against Russia in the case of Skripale.

In particular, the United States will oppose the extension of loans, as well as financial or technical assistance to Russia by international financial institutions, such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.

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