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After one death and two cases of Ebola contamination were confirmed in Goma between Wednesday and Thursday, August 1, the capital of the province of North Kivu lives in fear of contagion. But the response to Ebola in this city of nearly 2 million people is trying to refine its plan, much criticized so far.

No new cases detected so far, says the Ebola response team in the city of Goma by taking stock of the situation at midday on August 2nd.

Ten contacts of the deceased gold miner and his two infected children have been quarantined at the Goma General Hospital Treatment Center since yesterday. Among them, six - including two daughters of the goldsmith - were tested negative. They must pass a second test to confirm the diagnosis.

The response plan adopted

The exams have just started for the other four, says the Ebola response team , which has just reviewed its plan to fight against this scourge. After three days of discussions with all the partners involved in the fight against Ebola. The response plan has just been adopted, explains the deputy director of communication of the presidency, Giscard Kusema, who is on the spot.

The "Muyembe Plan" named for the new coordinator of the DRC's Ebola National Response aims to correct the mistakes of the past by involving the provincial government, the local medical system and, above all, the people of Goma at all levels. This plan is still being refined, particularly on its budgetary aspects.

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The civil society of Goma assures to have been consulted, its executive secretary Placide Nzilamba considers that the population of Goma is very worried, but remains confident at the moment.

The second vaccine, not a priority

It is in this context that a meeting was held on August 1 around the coordinator of the response, Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe. This included clinical trials and vaccination. This, while the project to introduce a second vaccine against Ebola has been controversial for several days.

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The resigning Minister of Health had opposed it. It is a recommendation of the World Health Organization.

If we continue to use the only vaccine, we can probably face a vaccine breakup

Dr Abourahamane Diallo, immunization specialist at WHO

02-08-2019 - By Sonia Rolley

The question of the second vaccine is indeed " secondary " for Giscard Kusema, since it is a " preventive and not curative drug ". The President of the Republic does not " oppose " experiments with new drugs, but " it is not the most important issue " in his eyes. For the executive, the priority remains " the implementation of public health measures " to accelerate the " rapid detection, isolation, medical care " of patients.

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