Paris (AFP)

Three permanent members of LREM deputies were tagged in 24 hours in the Val-d'Oise, adding to a series of degradations of parliamentary premises of the presidential majority, was learned Thursday from sources close to the investigation .

Those of Guillaume Vuilletet, in Méry-sur-Oise, was vandalized in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, like that of Cécile Rilhac, in Herblay-sur-Seine. "CETA vomit", "LREMERDE" or "ACAB" ("All cops are bastards") were bombarded with black paint on the facade of buildings.

"The wall of my permanence degraded, thank you the #Yellowjackets because this wall is that of traders who are in the same premises (...) So much stupidity dismay me.We @LaREM_AN will not give in to any threat," tweeted Cécile Rilhac .

Both elected officials filed a complaint.

Wednesday afternoon, it is the premises of Fiona Lazaar, Argenteuil, who were targeted with slogans of the same type.

"The characters are very similar," according to a source close to the survey.

Targets of insults or violence at the height of the crisis of "yellow vests" this winter, parliamentarians are again targeted for several days, especially LREM deputies who voted July 23 in favor of the ratification of the treaty of free -exchange between Europe and Canada (Ceta). Several permanences were walled, tagged or vandalized.

On Saturday, in Perpignan, protesters, some of them hooded, had broken all the windows of the residence where the deputy of the Roman majority Grau was and tried to set it on fire. No inquiry has yet taken place.

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