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The reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral, ravaged by the fire of April 15, 2019, continues. Photo taken on July 24, 2019. Rafael Yaghobzadeh / POOL / AFP

The building site of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral does not finish to make speak about him ... almost four months after the terrible fire which touched the building, a collective of CGT unions and associations demand the total containment of the site of Notre-Dame de Paris, polluted with lead.

" It's like a bubble, it would be under plastic, " says Benoit Martin of the CGT who wants to confine the site because of lead pollution . The secretary general of the departmental union CGT of Paris hopes that important measures are taken to clean up the site.

The building site of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral has already been suspended on Thursday 1st August for a few days in order to lay down the rules of health protection. A first step welcomed by Benoit Martin but we must go further for him: " The construction site is suspended and the prefect has done well to suspend, but we really ask the stop. Why have this measure of protection? It is then to deal seriously with the depollution of the site. You have to clean up the site and that's why you have to confine it. "

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Indeed during the fire more than 400 tons of lead melted. The collective of CGT unions and associations also calls for the creation of a health monitoring center. It is also necessary, according to the trade unionist, to carefully prepare the depollution in the neighborhoods: " Concerning the particles that are in the district, it is necessary to continue doing cleaning, but according to the rules of the art. Therefore, personal protective equipment is required for cleaning workers. "

The cathedral still in intensive care

If the building site of Notre Dame Cathedral is currently suspended, a dozen people are still present on the site. Their role: to watch the building. Indeed, the cathedral is still in intensive care. The time is not yet for reconstruction, but for security and cleanup.

It is mainly the cordists who work on the building. Their goal is to consolidate the structure of the cathedral in cooperation with the carpenters. Several wooden vaults have been installed to support the weight of the 12th century monument.

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In the cathedral, access to the nave is forbidden to the workers. It is therefore a robot that is responsible for clearing the ruins of the frame, the boom and the roof. The past three months have been crucial, as they have helped secure the most visited building in Europe.