Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon said today (23th), "The process of deportation of the National Assembly is still in the process of drifting," he said.

The prime minister emphasized, "If the five ruling elite representatives have pledged to cooperate with the president on the economic provocation of Japan," he said after making the remarks at the cabinet meeting held at the Seoul government building this morning.

"If everyone says the economy is difficult, it is natural for everyone to be involved in the process of recruiting to help the economy," Lee said.

The prime minister, however, said, "The reality is not so." "If you pledge to act jointly, please do so." If you think you should help the economy,

The prime minister said that there was heavy rainfall in Jeju and South coast area due to typhoon Danas last weekend and the damage such as flooding of houses and agricultural land had been caused. "The ministries, local governments and residents are urged to hurry to recover."

The ministry said the ministry and the municipalities are looking for vulnerable areas such as landslides, embankments, retaining walls, construction sites, and reinforcements.

The prime minister said, "Right now, rain is forecast for four days from tomorrow, and the rainy season is not over yet." Do not be alarmed, but you will patrol the coast, rivers, mountain valleys, I have to. "

(Photo: Yonhap News)