While the conflict between Korea and Japan was not looking for the exit, our National Assembly continued their fighting. In the standstill parliament, the Democratic Party pushed the South Korean Party into pro - Japanese X - man, and the Korean Party was hit with a half - day emotional arm.

It is the report of the Yinara reporter.


The Korean government has set a date for its response to the Cheongwadae, which is the emotional arm that is no different from the policy of isolation.

[Hwang] / Representative of the Free Republic of Korea: (Cheong Wa Dae) (To us) is not an emotional response, but rather a practical day of overcoming Japan and going into the future.

The Democratic Party has acknowledged that the cause of the split is in the South Korean party.

[Lee In-young / Democratic Party leader: If you join forces and stick to the criticism of the government and repeat the back tackle, it is the way to become the X-man. Why does the Free Korean Party criticize the people like the X-Men for Japan (please reconsider)]

As the 21st century expanded into a pro-Japanese controversy, the relationship between the ruling and opposition parties was just as distant as the Korea-Japan relationship.

Although Japan's Criminal Resolution passed the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the schedule for the plenary session is unknown.

The budget for the retaliatory measures in Japan is overlapping, and the review of the supplementary budget for the National Assembly has been suspended indefinitely.

Representatives from the bargaining groups met to discuss the issue, including the prosecution, but they were unable to narrow down the gap, so the parliamentary crackdown is getting longer.