The examining magistrates in charge of the investigation of the murder of the Jewish sexagenarian Sarah Halimi in 2017 in Paris estimated, Friday, July 12th, that there are "plausible reasons" to conclude to the criminal irresponsibility of the suspect .

This prospect now fears the civil parties that the suspect Kobili Traoré is dismissed and therefore not tried, while the Paris prosecutor's office had asked for his return to a court of assizes for "intentional homicide" antisemitic.

According to a source close to the case, the magistrates, as provided by law, will seize the chamber of instruction "to assess the medical and legal consequences" to give to this case, which sparked two years ago a heated debate media.

On the night of April 3 to 4, 2017 in Paris, Kobili Traoré, taken by a "crazy whiff", according to experts, had introduced her neighbor Lucie Attal - also called Sarah Halimi - on the third floor of a building HLM of the popular district of Belleville, having crossed the apartment of other neighbors.

To the cries of "Allah Akbar", interspersed with insults and verses from the Koran, this young Muslim beat her on her balcony before throwing her into the courtyard.

"Delirious puff"

Three psychiatric expertises carried out during the investigation concur that the young man, without a psychiatric history, does not suffer from mental illness but acted in a "delirious puff" caused by heavy cannabis use. However, they diverge on the question of the abolition or the alteration of the discernment of the young man, always hospitalized.

In their order, revealed by the Parisian, the judges finally find that there are "plausible reasons" to conclude the abolition of the discernment of Kobili Traoré at the time of the facts, in other words to his criminal irresponsibility.

They also dismiss "the aggravating circumstance of the anti-Semitic character" of the murder, according to a source familiar with the case.

This affair had taken a political turn when President Emmanuel Macron had demanded justice "all the clarity" on the facts, in the presence of the Israeli Prime Minister visiting Paris in July 2017.

She had revived the debate on anti-Semitism in some neighborhoods under the effect of an identity Islam, a controversy that will be revived a year later by the murder of a Jewish octogenarian in Paris, Mireille Knoll.

With AFP