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New York's Gay Pride this year also marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a major event in the fight for LGBT rights. REUTERS / Lucas Jackson

The Gay Pride in New York is always spectacular, but this year's was special. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which mark the start of the fight for LGBT rights, the American city hosted World Pride all month. And it is said, 4 million people who have gathered in the streets of Manhattan to see a parade always as festive and joyful.

With our correspondent in New Yor k, Grégoire Pourtier

Gino, a regular at Gay Pride on Fifth Avenue, said he had never seen so many people, so much to smile. " Everyone wears color, heterosexuals and homosexuals, blacks, whites, all religions ... Everyone is there ... And the police! Look how happy they look! "

The show is on the floor, for the official parade, but also behind the barriers. Despite her sparkling outfit, Grace is stealing the show with her two tiny dogs. " They support the pride of homosexuals by wearing pretty tutus to the famous colors of the rainbow. They also have their homemade hats and glasses ... "

Perched on a mailbox, a man also attracts attention with a flag in different colors. " Blue, pink, white, pink, blue ... It's transgender colors, I wear them because my friend is transgender, so it's to accompany his approach "

" We will continue to move forward "

Cyril, like many other foreigners, came to New York specifically for this World Pride. Several Americans have also made the move to warn against the Trump administration.

Lindsey is so refreshed by the positive and festive energy of the day. " When we see an event like this, with all those people who support us, we can only think that we will continue to move forward . "

Fifty years ago in Greenwich Village, a few hundred rioters improvised the beginning of the struggle for LGBT rights. Today, it is with extravagant outfits, proud pride and good humor that millions of people have passed the same message of love and tolerance.