UN envoy to Libya met Saturday in Benghazi, retired general Khalifa Hafter, in an effort to stop the war and return to negotiations, while the Tripoli airport witnessed fierce battles between the pro-Hafist militants and the forces of the National Reconciliation Government.

The United Nations Mission in Libya announced that Salama met with Haftar at his headquarters in al-Rajmeh area in the suburbs of Benghazi and discussed with him the reasons for the attack by the Haftar forces on the capital city of Tripoli, which lasted two and a half months.

The mission said on its Twitter page that Salameh had discussed with Hafer the humanitarian situation in Tripoli and what she described as ways to accelerate the transition to the stage of reaching a political solution, and in the form of the meeting published by the UN mission, Hafer appeared in military uniform.

Ahead of the meeting, retired Major General Khalifa Hafer vowed to continue the attack on Tripoli, while rejecting a political initiative presented by the head of the national reconciliation government, Fayez al-Sarraj, including holding elections before the end of this year.

In an interview with Libyan news websites published on Wednesday night, Haftar said his forces would not back down before achieving their goals, adding that the political atmosphere would be available after the operation ended.

On April 4, Hafar's forces launched a surprise attack on Tripoli, capturing the town of Gharian, some 90 km southwest of Tripoli, without fighting with support from local groups.

The attack has so far killed some 700 people, including 40 civilians and wounded thousands, and displaced about 120,000 suburbs south of Tripoli.

Al-Wifaq forces recovered the airport days after the attack on Tripoli, but then lost to the forces of Haftar (Reuters)

Fierce battles
Tripoli airport today witnessed a new round of fierce battles between the forces of Hafer and the forces of the Reconciliation, which has been trying to restore him for more than a month.

The Anatolia news agency quoted a spokesman for the media center of the volcano volcano Mustafa al-Majai that the forces of the storm stormed the airport from three axes.

Al-Majai said that their forces took control of large parts of the airport, pointing to the continued clashes until the first evening hours. The activists broadcast videos showing columns of black smoke emanating from the airport.

Concurrently, there have been violent clashes in the axis of charisma adjacent to the destroyed airport since the clashes that took place inside 2014, while the spokesman for the Air Force of the government of the Accord that their aircraft carried out seven raids today on the targets of the forces of Haftar.

The Wifaq forces find it very difficult to recover the airport, which is about eight square kilometers, because of the mines and fortifications set up by the pro-Hafez militants.

Al-Wefaq forces carried out several attempts to break into the airport, and the last attempts occurred, which resulted in the deaths of about thirty of the parties, according to local sources.