Trump admitted that Iran could have shot down US UAVs by mistake

US President Donald Trump admitted that the decision to bring down the American drone could have been made in Iran by mistake.

His speech was broadcast by NBC.

JUST IN: President of the United States drone.

- NBC News (@NBCNews) June 20, 2019

“I have a feeling, and I could be wrong, and I can be right, and I’m almost always right, I have a feeling that it was done by mistake, which was made by someone who should not have done it”

Trump added that he does not consider this a mistake of the country, but only considers it as a mistake of a specific person who is under the Iranian command.

Earlier, against the backdrop of the situation with the American drone, Trump said in his Twitter that Iran had made a "very big mistake."

As reported, the Iranian military shot down an American drone that violated the country's airspace.

Subsequently, the Iranian Foreign Ministry expressed the hope that this situation would not happen again.

ref: russiart