According to a panorama made by Protourisme and unveiled exclusively by Europe 1, Thursday, French homes will spend an average of 1,502 euros on their holidays this summer.


Good news for tourism professionals: the French budget for summer holidays is rising sharply, according to the panorama of holidays 2019 made by Protourisme and unveiled exclusively by Europe 1, Thursday.

1.502 euros on average for twelve days

According to Protourisme, 33% of French people are considering a "commercial" stay - not with family or friends, for example. This proportion is rising, as is the holiday budget, which will amount to 1,502 euros per household for twelve days (against 1,392 euros in 2018). This budget has not been so high for eight years, "thanks to increased stays in paid accommodation," the specialist firm analysis.

>> At 18:45, Didier Arino, director of Protourisme, will detail the 2019 panorama of French holidays on Europe 1

Two-thirds of holidaymakers will leave for France

According to this study, 46% of French people will go on holiday in 2019, slightly more than in 2018 (45%). Among starters, 59% will choose French destinations, while 29% will go abroad. The remaining 12% are still undecided - in 2018, the majority of this category had finally opted for a foreign destination. The two most popular countries in France will always be Spain and Italy, followed by Portugal, which doubles Greece, third on the podium last year. Follow Morocco and Tunisia.