Christopher Hill, the former deputy assistant secretary of state for North Korea, said North Korea was trying to provide nuclear information to President Trump after he left the US staff at the Hanoi summit. I think it's because they decided that it would be advantageous for them to go directly with Trump.

Washington correspondent Kim Soo Hyeong.


Christopher Hill, former chief US negotiator for the six - party talks, said the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs in his telephone conversation with SBS talked about the North Korean attitude of negotiating the Hanoi talks.

He said he was trying to give North Korea information about Yongbyon nuclear weapons only to President Trump, citing an anonymous government official who participated in the Hanoi summit.

[Christopher Hill / Former Assistant Secretary of State: North Korea has ambiguity about the Yongbyon card. And I wanted to hold information until the summit of President Trump and Kim Jong Eun.]

Even Steve Vegan, a negotiator, said he was alienated from the information.

He also said that whenever President Pompeii advises, President Trump went to North Korea in a negative way, so North Korea wanted Trump and direct deal.

[Christopher Hill / Former Assistant Secretary of State: North Korea was very negative about Pompeii. And it took me months to meet with Steve Vegan. North Korea preferred to deal with President Trump over the practitioners.]

North Korea's strategy of hiding information from the negotiations and trying to resolve the negotiation through a normal nuclear talks with a single Yongbyon nuclear card did not work.