The night of Cairo on Wednesday was less noisy than its day. Hours after the train accident, which resulted in dozens dead and wounded, a "war of silence" caught up on social networking sites between supporters and opponents of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, following a revolutionary campaign calling on Egyptians to launch sirens in the streets And Twitter on networking sites.

This comes in the light of the security restrictions that are currently in Egypt against any popular movements, and resulted in the arrest of prominent politicians, against the backdrop of proposed constitutional amendments that allow the extension of the presidency of the Sisi until 2034 and grant more powers, and put the army above the state as a protector of the constitution and the state.

The Egyptians woke up yesterday morning to a train fire inside the main train station in the heart of Cairo, killing 28 people and injuring 50 others, and prompted Transport Minister Hisham Arafat to resign, as well as the dismissal of the head of the Railway Authority.

The painful incident and the scenes of the victims running down and the fire burning their bodies, angered the Egyptians and many blamed Sisi and his government for neglect and lack of funds for development, in return for lavish spending on non-priority projects.

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A new disaster in the history of the Egyptian railway ..
This time the explosion and charred bodies everywhere, # Station _ Egypt

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This anger prompted the activists of social networking sites to launch the marking of the "editors of liberation" in reference to that the revolution is the only solution to eliminate the rampant corruption in the body of the Egyptian state, and the interaction of social networking sites with the tag to lead a few hours after the first place on Twitter.

The great interaction with the label and the anger in the activists' twittering prompted some to say that there were night rallies in Tahrir Square, which became a symbol of the January 2011 revolution, prompting the pro-power media to send correspondents to the field and broadcasting directly from there to confirm that the field was not witnessing protests .

Fear does not prevent death but prevents life
* Najib Mahfouz *
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Bikra Nights Sweetheart Dating

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The jealousy of the jealous government, Reese
Our Lord avenge the oppressors of the tyrant, O Lord,

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The government will charge you a lot of money after you die.

"Terror and Kebabs - 1992" #Release_free_picture.pw0MlWbmgU

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A bell and an alarm for change ..

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"You are not alone"
In parallel with the marking of the "editors of the liberation", the Egyptians were about to start the campaign "You are not alone" launched by opposition media editor Moataz Matar, who launched the campaign a few days ago to "reassure every supporter of the revolution that he is not alone."

The campaign called on the Egyptians to launch sirens or roads on the pots during half an hour on Wednesday evening, which saw an interaction in some areas, and the deployment of a number of social networking sites during the launch of sirens, while others chirped through the marking campaign, which publishes social networking sites, What activists and politicians saw as a success for the campaign and an affirmation that the spirit of the revolution still applies to the Egyptians.

Maadi and Gardens Helwan participate in the first activities

# اطمن_انت_مش_لوحدك

- Moataz Matar (@moatazmatar)

# Atman_ant_mash_lhoudk whistles everywhere and out of the TV and homes

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#Them_Ant_Mash_LoHodkAllah is the largest

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High reaction ️️️️

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The beginning of the campaign of Atman, you are not alone now of the luster
The people of Al-Warraq are now joining in a booing campaign against Sisi in a campaign

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" You are afraid of Talat alone"
On the other hand, an anti-campaign label appeared under the name of "Khaf Anta Talat Alone", in which the supporters of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the pro-regime newspapers and channels, stressing that the campaign is active in cyberspace and has no resonance on the ground.

Some supporters used the label to try to defend Sissi against the growing anger after the train accident. Some of them justified the incident as a natural consequence of decades of neglect and corruption that Sisi is seeking to eliminate, calling on Egyptians to "not be dragged behind those who want to exploit the incident to inflame anger."

The same stupidity of the days of the revolution Some include on the Brotherhood just for the sense of the balance and the same momentum and ignorance, the brotherhood was not their age and they did not become a national faction and no opposition faction, Hmh Khonh and terrorism and the first limit they kill him and Ahshkhoh Ahbhl what they did during the days of the revolution and what they In the federal # Khav_ant_talat_lonek

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# Khav_ant_talat_lonek

Your morning activity from Tahrir Square 🇪🇬️️
I am a laborer who runs on the people of Bitat Moataz
They can be tempted to edit Tani's

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# Khav_ant_talat_lonek
The Egyptians with their country .. We learned the lesson Ques .. And Mshhp fabrications and slogans .. Jtgloa us .. No matter how sacrifices and negative .. We have with me to build it hard .. Despite the difficulties
With you Jesse ..

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