Turkey: The buffer zone in Syria is still under investigation

Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu said on Thursday that there was nothing yet certain about the buffer zone in Syria, adding that the summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow discussed the details.

In an interview with Al-Khobar television channel, Gawishoglu said that the details of the construction of the buffer zone in Syria were discussed during the summit yesterday in Moscow, stressing the continuation of the parties to discuss them.

The Turkish minister added that his country has the ability to establish a "safe zone" in Syria alone, but will not exclude the United States or Russia or any other countries that want to cooperate on this issue, adding that Turkey is in indirect contact with the Syrian regime, without adding any details .

The Turkish Foreign Minister confirmed the existence of a consensus between Moscow and Ankara on the political solution in Syria, except for the survival of the President of the regime Bashar al-Assad.

Putin's statement on the Adana agreement between Turkey and Syria means that Ankara has the right to intervene militarily if Syria can not eliminate the "terrorists" who threaten Turkey.

Javishoglu pointed out that there is a consensus in the approaches of Turkey and America in Syria, except for two issues, most notably the relationship of Washington units of protection of the Kurdish people, considering that the best solution to the East Euphrates is to apply the same model planned for the region of Manbj.

The Turkish foreign minister revealed the presence of efforts from Western countries to block the work of the Syrian Constitution Committee. He said that what these countries want is to impose the draft constitution on Syria, but what Ankara wants is to put the Syrian people constitution, he said.

At the summit yesterday, the Russian and Turkish presidents confirmed coordination on the situation in Syria, Putin announced his country's readiness to host a tripartite summit, and called on Moscow to stop the Israeli strikes on Syria.

Erdogan warned that the use of "terrorist forces" the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, stressing that Turkey is ready to face them, and pointed out that the talks are underway to clear areas from which the US troops will withdraw.

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