“The Poroshenko’s Ukrainian regime clearly and systematically fulfills the instructions of the State Department in terms of discrediting Russia. Naturally, this statement is one of many that will sound in the last days of Poroshenko and his government at various international venues. Ukraine needs to enlist the support of the world community, as the only guarantor in the fight against the aggressor, Russia, ”the deputy said.

According to him, "not a single large state will go to Kiev’s proposal."

“It is clear that some Baltic countries will nevertheless support him with regard to anti-Russian rhetoric. But in all these specified scenarios, one thing is clear - like many other statements, it will not have any specifics and will present Ukraine controlled from the outside, ”said Vodolatsky.

Earlier, the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations said that the country was in favor of a phased abolition of the veto right in the UN Security Council in the context of “aggression from Russia”.