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The bells of spinsterhood knocking in Lebanon .. Is the independence of women is the reason?


Larissa Sallai-Beirut

The social networking sites in Lebanon were flooded after statistical media published reports on the rates of marriage delay in the Arab world. Lebanon won the first place with 85%. This led to a wave of controversy and disagreement over the use of the term "spinster" in the first place.

Although this social scourge continues to increase, the figure is not based on reliable reports, but it is certain that the news has caused a violent social shock. Many Lebanese groups have questioned these figures and said the spinsterhood in Lebanon is being dealt with far from accurate.

The spinsterhood is a term used for women and men
The clash between Lebanese men and women on the platforms of social networking sites through a "mutual loading" of responsibility for spinsterhood. The "masculine element" said that the financial independence and professional aspirations of Lebanese women were fostered by marriage, which constitutes a "constraint" for many women.

But the Lebanese girl responded strongly, and one of them said on the social networking sites that the term "spinsterhood" is shameful and insulting to the woman, besides that it should not be called the unmarried girl only. The mosaics in its rolling sense falls on both sexes. The unmarried man is also a spinster.

Atrissi: The average age of marriage in Lebanon has increased in recent years to become between 25 and 30 years (Al Jazeera)

The disadvantages of delayed marriage age
The analyst and sociologist Talal Atrissi explains that, in the Lebanese society, the female is considered to be inaccessible when she reaches the age of 30, while the male is considered an insanitary when he reaches the age of forty.

He pointed out that the average age of marriage has increased in recent years to become between 25 and 30 years, indicating that this has several aspects negative.

"The delay in the age of marriage leads to a low rate of childbearing, which makes our societies" pyramid "and lack of youth as in European societies.

"The delay in the age of marriage may lead to an increase in the possibility of deviation in relations and the spread of corruption, and this is contrary to the customs and values ​​of our societies, pointing out that the negative aspects of this phenomenon more than the positives.

"The delay in the age of marriage delays the birth of children and limits their number. This means the tendency to societies similar to European societies. The second problem is the increased possibility of deviation in relations, which threatens the values ​​and customs of our societies.

Pascal Murat: Divorce rates increase because of reluctance to speed up marriage (Al Jazeera)

The independence of women from the causes of spinsterhood
Psychological treatment Pascal Mrad also confirms that "this phenomenon is not only prevalent in Lebanon, but a phenomenon in the Arab world as a whole."

"The first reason is the independence of women now. It was old for the girl if independence wanted to be married. It is the only solution available to feel that she has a home and a life of her own," she said.

"Society has changed, divorce rates have increased because of openness through the media and social media, which has affected the desire to speed up marriage," she added.

Ghazal: spinsterhood in Lebanon caused by economic (island)

The reasons for spinsterhood in Lebanon are economic
Economic analyst Violet Gazal confirms that the percentage of spinsterhood in Lebanon rose more in 2018 because of the housing crisis in Lebanon, "explaining that the reasons" purely economic, linked to the stagnation of economic years since reflected in the decline in employment opportunities and the migration of young people to work abroad "He said.

Media outlets have been informed that the percentage of spinsterhood in Lebanon has reached 85%, but it is noteworthy that this percentage has been in circulation since 2014 and is promoted every year without relying on detailed and accurate statistics.

In this context, "International Information" prepared a report in 2016 in which it explained that "the terms celibacy and spinsterhood are often used to refer to the unmarried person, but each of the two uses has different uses. Azubiya means the unmarried person regardless of his age, Means a person (mainly a woman) who has passed a certain age and has not married.

According to figures published by the Central Administration of Statistics, the percentage of bachelorhood in Lebanon from one day to 49 years is 70.3%. The ratio varies between males and females, as well as by age groups.

Thus, if the age of marriage is considered to be less than forty - especially for women - spinsterhood is among those who have passed this age and have not married, thus the proportion is about 32% and not 85%, according to the report.

Source: aljazeera

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