Terrorist right-wing terrorism in the West .. So left the Internet platforms to target Muslims

The attack in New Zealand's Christchurch opened up the radical right-wing in the West, especially after it took on a more violent and cross-border character.

The bomber, Prenton Tarant, expressed his pride for his comrades who have carried out similar attacks in Italy, Canada, Norway and the United States and has called on right-wing extremists around the world to carry out similar attacks in other countries.

The issues of racial superiority of whites, hostility to Muslims, immigration and refugees are the priority of the extreme right-wing agenda. Muslims are a major target for groups that, as violence has become a local and global threat, even in countries known for high levels of safety and diversity, such as New Zealand.

Right-wing nationalist groups and "white terrorists" have used digital platforms and social networks to recruit new supporters in a way similar to those used by other extremists and have adopted a global agenda to fight against what they call a "common Islamic enemy" in defense of the "Christian or White West."

Although the organization of the Islamic state has hijacked the spotlight from other armed groups, the Institute of Economics and Peace in Sydney recorded 66 people killed in 113 attacks around the world between 2013 and 2017 by members of the extreme right-wing movement.

This trend gained new momentum as the political right came to power in Western countries, notably the United States. Some researchers expected the right-wing groups to become less violent after their ideological partners had already reached power. But what was happening was exactly the opposite, accompanied by an increase in right-wing terrorism The violent.

Political populism and extreme right-wing nationalism combine similar claims, such as claiming the support of the average citizen rather than the elite, supporting the ethnic superiority of whites and opposing immigration, either for economic reasons related to employment opportunities or for cultural reasons for preserving traditional values ​​and identities.

The Christchurch attack bomber was proud of his comrades who carried out similar attacks (websites)

"We are against them" Who are the violent right-wing groups?
Right-wing groups include white-skinned gangs, extreme right-wing rioters and sympathizers. These right-wing terrorist groups promote the model of a state that "disposes of foreign elements that undermine it from within" so that it can "provide its services to its legitimate natural citizens."

Some right-wing thinkers have the courage to say that their white ancestors have traveled to distant shores in New Zealand, Australia and modern America to commit genocide against indigenous people, and have the courage to replicate these practices to protect their ethnic and national heritage.

If racist rhetoric and hatred of Muslims are common among Western politicians such as Dutch MP Geert Wilders or Australian Congressman Fraser Anning, white racists do not feel the problem of resorting to terrorism, killing and carrying out operations against Muslims, based on a legitimate political and media backing.

In the United States, right-wing groups include white supremacist groups such as Ku Klux Klan (KKK), neo-Nazis, and skinhead groups such as the Hammerskin ethnic nation .

Racist groups seek to restore what they see as racial hierarchy by imposing social and political control over non-whites, especially African Americans, Jews, and recently Muslims and immigrant communities. They adopt racial values, forced separation and xenophobia and reject democratic tendencies.

Since the mid-1980s, many racial groups have formulated their ideas in a defensive context, seeking to promote or protect white sex and preserve their heritage and culture. While other groups did not find it difficult to use slogans and symbols of Nazi heritage, they agreed that regional and ethnic purity was a condition for the survival of the "white race" and that they already had perceptions of forced separation, including "programs" to eradicate "bad" races or The expulsion of others, or the division of the United States into geographically homogenous regions, and this was evident in the speech of Tarant, the executor of New Zealand's offensive, who espoused the idea of ​​"US Balkanization."

Picture of Brenton Tarant, New Zealand attack bomber tops world press covers (Getty Images)

From Internet forums to violence
Internet platforms have reinforced the spread of the far right across North America and Europe, and have taken advantage of increased anti-Islamism, xenophobia, fear of migration and even economic pressure to gain more supporters, yet failed to gain media attention compared to other forms of violence and terrorism. It has failed to monitor the authorities, which usually give priority to terrorism.

It is not just about Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but the right-wing wing is developing special communication systems across a range of platforms, such as "Gab", "Minds" and "Voat", where they coordinate their activity and share content that incites On hatred, according to researcher at the Institute of Strategic Dialogue Jacob Davy.

In the New Zealand attack, the attacker announced his operation in advance of "8chan", one of the platforms used by the hardliners and those who believe in the racial superiority of whites in the West, and these regulations do not apply regulations to prevent such racist activities and speeches, according to Davy in the British Telegraph.

In addition, right-wing groups are active on popular social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook, benefiting from the "legal gray space" that does not directly violate the law, and exploits freedom of expression to promote the ideology of violent hatred that extends beyond the Internet.

The style of extremist right-wing attacks in the West is similar to state-organized attacks in many ways: attacks by foreigners against local citizens. The Australian attack bomber traveled to kill Muslim New Zealanders in their country. The pattern of extremism, the adoption of conspiracy theories, the weak interest in education, and the real knowledge of history, communities and religions all make the violent racist right ideology the equivalent of state regulation.

The two sides are also similar in the use of modern communication technologies, the Internet and encrypted currencies donated by both right-wing extremists and Islamic militants.

In addition, there is a basic idea shared by the extreme right-wing and the state organization. Despite the intellectual contradiction between them, they agree that there are no innocent people or civilians in the open clash of civilizations between Islam and the West, which is used to justify the indiscriminate and indiscriminate killing of civilians.

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