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In the headlines: historic transfer of power in the DRC

" It does not matter if it is disputed," says Politico CD, " regardless of how far it is from being truly democratic, as a large part of the international community and even Congolese believe. The election of Felix Tshisekedi is now a reality. This Thursday in Kinshasa, the president-elect and Joseph Kabila have an appointment with history. "

" Felix Tshisekedi, the big day ", headlines Le Potentiel. " The Kabila era has just bowed out after 18 years of power. One page closes and another opens with President Felix Tshisekedi. However, sighs the daily Kinshasa, " the DRC is still a country to rebuild. Neither the program of the "five building sites of the Republic" nor that of the "Revolution of Modernity" (undertaken by Kabila) have managed to meet the many development challenges facing the country. The gap has widened further in recent years, creating deep social cracks. Felix Tshisekedi will have to reverse this trend by giving the Congolese a smile. The task will not be easy. "

Moreover, continues Le Potentiel, " with the great political machine, namely the Common Front for Congo, which Joseph Kabila set up last year, his shadow will not dissipate anytime soon. His lieutenants, in large numbers for that matter, are still there to perpetuate his ideology. No doubt, Felix Tshisekedi will take a little more time before printing his mark. However, it is not an excuse to ask for reassuring acts as soon as possible. "

Kabila's pride ...

Last night, on national television, Joseph Kabila delivered a speech of goodbye: " Joseph Kabila leaves power with a sense of pride, says the Congolese news site Cas-Info. That of having organized the elections with the proper means of the Congolese government. The Head of State hammered it (...). A patriotic flame that Joseph Kabila wants to see Felix Tshisekedi continue to maintain. And it must go through a grand coalition between the new President and the majority party in the National Assembly, recommended the outgoing president, in a position of strength, thanks to the overwhelming number of seats won by its platform, the FCC, to parliamentary elections of December 30th. "

The first peaceful transmission of power!

In the West African press, we are divided between hope and questioning ...

" This Thursday, January 24 should be written in capital letters in the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo, exclaims Ledjely in Guinea. Because despite all the criticisms made in recent days about the elections of December 30, this day marks somehow the first peaceful transmission of power in this vast country of Central Africa. And for Felix Tshisekedi, beyond all that can be said about how he inherits power, it should also be a memorable day. In addition to the alternation he embodies, he especially has the opportunity to realize the dream that his combative father has unfortunately not been able to achieve, despite the long and bitter battle that was his. "

Can Fatshi really live in the job?

For today in Burkina, many questions ... " Felix Tshisekedi will be wearing this Thursday purple and ermine, the presidential attributes, but will he still possess the entire power befitting a head of state ? Will Felix Tshisekedi have the means to reform a Congolese state that for decades is an empty shell? Without the army that remains loyal to the old power and faced with a worm-eaten justice and endemic corruption, will the elected president have the latitude to act as he pleases? (...) Starting today, let's take a date, continues Today, the DR Congo may have his Putin, but does it mean his Medvedev? A President of the Republic who does not have the hand on the finances, nor on the army, while the country has a bad side to its North-East flank (gangrené by fragmentation rebellions), nor on the political lever ( Primature and National Assembly are not acquired), so despite having a cohabitation, is such a President of the Republic really the number one in the country? We can doubt it. Hence the question, concludes the Ugandan daily: Fatshi (as he is nicknamed) can he really live the function? "

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