ONF: a third of citizens complained about the lack of regular inspections of gas services

Experts of the All-Russian Popular Front summed up the results of the survey on the operation of intra-gas equipment. I got acquainted with the results of monitoring RT.

One third of citizens (30%) reported that inspections of gas equipment, as well as smoke and ventilation ducts in their apartments, were either never performed at all or were carried out less than once a year.

At least twice a year, control activities of gas services are held in the homes of 14% of respondents.

Most respondents complained that the checks were carried out at an inconvenient time for them. Most often - during working hours.

In addition, 43% of respondents said that no one warns them in advance about future checks. Residents would not mind learning about the upcoming event from announcements in the stairwell (66%), SMS messages (60%) and through telephone calls (51%).

In general, residents are aware of the importance of preventive measures. 44% say they know the rules of safe operation and follow them, and 34% of respondents have entered into an agreement with a specialized organization for maintenance.

The majority of respondents noted the importance of conducting inspections of gas services. At the same time, 77% consider their gas equipment to be more or less safe.

“Given the results of the survey, some measures need to be taken to ensure the gas safety of residents. In particular, we propose to expand the schedule of inspections - to cover weekends and weekdays in the evening. Residents should have the opportunity to choose this time themselves. It is also necessary to oblige the managers and gas companies to more actively inform citizens about the inspections, ”says Svetlana Kalinina, a member of the central headquarters of the ONF, moderator of the thematic platform of the People’s Front Housing and Urban Environment.

In total, 4.8 thousand people took part in the survey. ONF plans to send the results and its expert proposals to the Ministry of Construction and the State Duma.

Earlier, the Ministry of Construction proposed to make a number of changes to the current legislation aimed at enhancing gas safety in residential buildings.

In particular, it is planned to clarify the procedure for conducting an inspection of gas equipment and the responsibility of homeowners for not allowing technical specialists to an apartment.

ref: russiart