New Zealand women wear hijab in solidarity with Muslim victims

There were many manifestations of New Zealand solidarity with Muslims on the anniversary of the week of the Massacre massacre, and many non-Muslim women of the state chose to wear the veil in a significant step to the extent of solidarity, support and influence.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardirn rushed to wear the headscarf a few days ago during a meeting with some of the Muslim community's figures, and today she returned with many others on the day of solidarity and support, among other activities.

She was promoted by a doctor from Oakland under the name of "Hijab for Harmony" (Hidscarf for Harmony) women to wear the hijab on Friday as a symbol of their solidarity and support for the Muslim community.

Robin Moloney, 65, and a group of her friends were wearing the headscarf.

"We wear hijab as a demonstration of our support, love and solidarity with Muslim women, and we hope that this will show the Muslim women that we are with them," she said.

The Whiteake County Council had asked women in the region to wear the hijab today to show support for Whitaki Muslims after their brethren in religion at the Christchurch Mosque last Friday.

Among those involved in the project were Liza Scott, an expert on communications at the board, archivist Jane McKnight, garden administrator Jean Machit, coordinator of Whitaki Helene Algar, and others.

Expert Scott said that the council participated this week in a meeting with a member of North Otago, and reported that he raised the idea.

A similar event was held in Christchurch with the blessing of the Islamic Women's Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand Muslim Association.

The following are pictures of New Zealand women wearing headscarves in support of victims and their families.

Ardenne attends Friday prayers and memorials of victims (Getty Images)


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