Lavrov told why Russia recognized elections in Ukraine in 2014

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow recognized the presidential elections of 2014 in Ukraine, because their winner, Petro Poroshenko, had promised to resolve the conflict in the country in a short time.

“When candidates for participation in the presidential elections began to be nominated, the president of Ukraine Poroshenko declared at every corner that he was“ the president of the world ”and would settle the conflict in two or three weeks. That is why the Western capitals, Paris and Berlin, have urged us not to make a statement about non-recognition of the elections, ”the Foreign Minister said in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel.

He noted that Russia gave him a chance.

Lavrov also recalled the first meeting of the Norman Four, which was attended by Russian leader Vladimir Putin. According to him, this fact emphasized the desire to achieve peace in the Donbass, to protect the rights of those who refused to accept armed insurrection.

“And we proceeded from the fact that Petro Poroshenko was elected, first of all, thanks to his oath assurances that he would solve this problem by peaceful means,” the minister added.

April 21 in Ukraine passes the second round of presidential elections. Poroshenko's rival is showman Vladimir Zelensky.

ref: russiart