Kidzania is an independent city for children inside Qatar

Emad Mourad - Doha

Visa, passport and currency change are permanent preparations for those who travel abroad, but Kidzania City, which recently opened in Qatar, needs these procedures to be able to enter as an independent city for children and under their administration.

Kidzania's idea is that the suffering of children from wars and conflicts in the adult world led them to establish their own city free of crime and hatred based on love, cooperation and knowledge among themselves to escape this painful world.

Your child's journey to Kidzania begins with a ticket and a visa from the city's airport (island)

Al Jazeera Net is a tour of this city starting from Kidzania Airport with the Airbus A380 on board. The entrance to the Kidzania visa is completed. The entrance to the Kidzania Independence Monument stands for three children raising the flag of the city and stands close to the monument. With the word "kay", the welcome word for Kidzania.

This is followed by the other memorial to the rights on which the city was founded - "your right to be", "your right to play", "to innovate, to know and to participate" - and to be embodied in the personalities of children bearing these rights.

The city is interested in teaching children how to manage their lives (Al Jazeera)

Professional children
If you have to complete your tour of Kidzania and enjoy its services, the bank will be the first destination to change the currency because the local currency is not within the city, so you have to convert your money into Kidzos. When you run out of savings, you only have to work at Kidzania to get the money.

The city is dedicated to teaching children how to manage their lives and what they are aiming for. Kedzania is not a city for amusement parks, but a city to put children in a real living environment on their own, teach them how to deal with difficult situations, manage their businesses and learn about the various professions and practice them on the ground. .

The civil defense team composed of children put out the fire (Al Jazeera)

Within the civil defense establishment in Kidzania, Jassem Al-Mansour receives a signal of a fictitious fire in one of the city's institutions. Jassim races with the civil defense team of the children to prepare the quick handling of the fire. The ambulance team is directed to the scene of the fire. And deal with it until it is extinguished.

Jassim and his colleagues do not end the fire, but participate in the investigation of the causes of the fire and know what happened under the supervision of a specialist from the city administration, the team analyzes the incident and find the cause of the fire to avoid future occurrence in the city.

As soon as the investigation is complete, the official statement arrives at Kidzania satellite channel, which broadcasts the news to the citizens of the city in full transparency. The statement includes all the facts reached with knowledge of the losses caused by the fire and the compensation to be paid to those affected.

The city aims to rehabilitate children and empower them with practical life skills (Al Jazeera)

Learning by playing
"Children in the city are learning without their knowledge that they are subject to this," said Reda Abdel Moneim, marketing director of Kidzania. "The city represents children's life training and community participation so children grow up to love life, work and cohesion.

He added that Kidzania's goals and mission are in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to build a harmonious and sustainable society by empowering children in Qatar and empowering them with practical life skills. The educational environment in Kidzania allows children between the ages of four and 14 to enjoy the role playing experience In a real function where learning and inspiration combine.

Kidzania satellite channel takes care of the city's news with great transparency (Al Jazeera)

"Kidzania Doha is an important step for Kidzania around the world because we will be able to inspire and prepare more young people of the future and provide them with the tools to test the real work environment through 42 facilities within the city," he said.

Kidzania Doha is located on the 5,500 square meter Aspire Zone Park, offering many different activities and functions. Kidzania is a private company headquartered in Mexico and features a unique scientific and educational experience for children of world renown.

ref: aljazeera