In a live broadcast and cold blood .. Assassin raining the worshipers shot at the mosque of light in New Zealand

The main port of attack on worshipers in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, broadcast a live broadcast of the massacre of Muslims during Friday prayers, killing dozens and injuring dozens.

A 17-minute video clip (we refrained from publishing its horror) showed how the perpetrator - wearing Brendon Tarent and dressed in camouflage-like clothes - began to carry out the massacre.

The attacker, an Australian citizen, rode his car with a number of automatic rifles and headed towards the mosque. As soon as he entered, he began to shoot continuously at worshipers, dozens of whom were killed in their blood.

Attack port (communication sites)

The video footage shows how the bodies spread across the mosque between the entrance, the corridor and the prayer room, where the number of victims was greater, with no sound but the sound of the gun.

The perpetrator did not hesitate to shoot his dead bullets many times in the bodies of those who breathed, and in complete calm he headed towards the exit of the mosque, and continued to fire on the street without being blocked by anyone.

Later, he returned to the mosque to throw other bullets into the bodies of worshipers, then went out to the street again and began to kill those in front of him, and then rode his car and the music of the music began to fire from within the glass of his car, which is destroyed.

Weapons used by the perpetrator (communication sites)
ref: aljazeera

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