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Until the end of time, the first feature film by Algerian director Yasmine Chouikh is in competition at Fespaco. A sweet, tender and funny comedy about the life and loves of a gravedigger in Algeria. A film that multiplies the awards at festivals including the Annab d'Or at the Annaba Festival of Mediterranean Film.

Sidi Boulekbour, a small village in western Algeria, is a place of pilgrimage. The village lives from its mausoleum and cemetery that draw crowds of visitors. Among them, Joher, a sexagenarian widow who came to visit the grave of her sister who lived in Sidi Boulekbour. She meets Ali, the gravedigger. Between these two beings mistreated by life will be born a complicity, then feelings.

Paradoxically, in the cemetery where a large part of the action takes place, men and women are alive. The metaphor of the director Yasmine Shouikh that can be summarized by this question: "How to live among death? Takes a tender and joyous turn. Yasmine Chouikh creates a universe of sensitive, funny, moving stories ... in a word: human.

The characters, like the young Nabil, who dreams of a funeral golden boy , or the mason poet Jeloul who ends up marrying the beautiful and free Nassima, give a density to a fine and surprising scenario.

Until the end of time is an unpredictable and daring film, a cheerful comedy about happiness and love. A gold nugget that squeezes a long time in his hand after leaving the screen.

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