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Protesters take part in the climate march in Brussels on 2 December 2018. NICOLAS MAETERLINCK / BELGA / AFP

Some 65,000 people, according to the police, took part in a major climate march this afternoon in Brussels, while more than 1,000 km away, COP24, the 24th Conference, opened in Poland today. parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

With our Brussels correspondent Joana Hostein

" Warmer, hotter than the climate, " the protesters throw. They came from all over Belgium and some made big concessions to be present. " I miss Arsenal against Tottenham for the climate : it's a little my OM-PSG to me, you see ? So, it's a bit of the game of the year, laughs this thirty-something . But I still consider that at one point, the climate is more important. "

" No planet B " is what is written on the panel held by this group of children, about ten years old. " I think there is a lot of pollution, a lot of cars, " says one. " I'm afraid that because of the waters, it's invading all the cities, " says the other. " Let the Earth explode, " completes a girl. " That the polar bears will disappear, " concludes one last.

On foot or by bike, tens of thousands of people are marching through the streets of Brussels, their eyes riveted on Poland as COP24 opens in Katowice on the same day .

This market gardener notices every day the consequences of global warming. " Birds, we do not see anymore, swallows either, insects either, it is 14 degrees, I have my cap and I'm too hot. It is nevertheless extremely important that the states can shake the multinationals, because for the moment it is rather the opposite. "

" The climate changes so why not us, " sums up another protester.