Because of Sahih Bukhari .. Dhahi Khalfan rebukes Waseem Yusuf

On the sidelines of a series of statements in the UAE, she insulted or questioned Sahih al-Bukhari. Former Dubai police chief Dhahi Khalfan rebuked the Emirati preacher of Jordanian origin Waseem Yousef.

Khalfan wrote a series of Twitter tweets on Thursday morning, in which he sarcastically said, "The great scientist Dr. Waseem Youssef heard him say he doubted Saheeh al-Bukhari. "Religious sciences have their well-known professors."

"I personally keep Sahih al-Bukhari in the library, but if I saw the author of the book," he said, "for free I did not take it, because I know his status in science."

Khalfan, who is one of the UAE's eminent people, said: "All that I say to the brother is handsome, no elder or doctor, Brother, I ask God to guide you. We, and you, as I think, are not among us, if you are our guardians. "

"Raising religious public opinion on us, Waseem, does not serve us, God bless you," he said.

All that I say to the brother, handsome, no elder or doctor ... brother Ask God to guide you .. Grour Shin ... Trak handsome handsome people hate us ... Because people count you and you as I think not us .. If you are from us Safeguard our mother .

Facebook Facebook logo Keep me logged in Dahi Khalfan Tamim (@Dhahi_Khalfan) March 14, 2019

Wasim Yusuf said in a program on Abu Dhabi TV that not all the conversations contained in Sahih Bukhari is true, and that in a repeated talk on the same subject.

The words of Yusuf raised strong condemnation of activists on the sites of communication; prompted them to launch the label "Bukhari red line." Activists said that some scholars put some of Al-Bukhari's talk on scientific research and arguments, while Yusuf questioned other targets, he said.

A few days ago, the UAE Academy expressed its contempt for Sahih Al-Bukhari. "The Arab social dimension is still lagging behind because of its belief in the so-called Book of Bukhari," she said in a speech at a UAE women's conference attended by state minister for tolerance Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

She says: # The heritage books must be reviewed!
You say: The world has sinned against this fatwa!
She says: from the companions who fell by mistake!
Their approach is to prove your disbelief, so I became certain that most of the scholars were killed because of their lying to them!

- Dr. Waseem Youssef (@waseem_yousef) March 11, 2019

# Al-Bukhari
All these books revolve around "Sahih al-Bukhari" explanation and exploration and research, and then comes some of the rabble dwarfs and harass him

What harms the Euphrates river?
Some dogs fought it in

- Osman Nahari (@ o_nhari) March 13, 2019

# Al-Bukhari
Sheikh Waseem Yusuf doubts in Sahih al - Bukhari

- 𓆩 ᎷᎧᎻᏌᎷᎷᏌᎠ 𓆪 (@kquqx) March 13, 2019

Dr.. Moza Ghabash, Professor of Sociology in the UAE, describes Saheeh Al-Bukhari with the backward book!
Says Dr. Banana @Mouza_Ghubash:
"We can not imprison ourselves in 1400-year-old books"

Is the standard of validity of the book historical?

Saheeh al-Bukhaari is a book that we trust and believe and believe in all that is in it and will not make us more insulted to him except trust and approval.

- Mohammed Al Yahya (@ Alyahyamo7ammad) March 12, 2019
ref: aljazeera