Algeria .. Continuing protests and calls for the road map

The protests of the employees of Algeria against the authorities continued, coinciding with the criticism of the leader of the Movement for a Society of Peace, Abdul Razzaq Maqri, for Foreign Minister Ramtan Lamamra's tour abroad, while the National Liberation Front party, which leads the ruling coalition, called on the political forces to engage in the road map proposed by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Algerian journalists and television workers held a new stand in front of the television station, raising slogans calling for public service protection and lifting restrictions on the performance of their duties.

This stop is a continuation of the movements and stops organized by the employees of the state television organization, condemning what they described as the pressures exerted on them in the editorial and news outlets, and the process of "systematic blackout" about the popular movement witnessed by the street about a month ago, according to their slogans.

At the central post office in the center of the capital, dozens of architects and trade unionists gathered yesterday to organize a peaceful march, but the police prevented them.

Employees of several municipalities entered a three-day strike in response to a call by the National Union of Independent Users of Public Administration, under the pretext of supporting popular mobility.

On the other hand, it was considered on the page - "Movement for the Society of Peace" on Facebook - that Lamamra, who is also Deputy Prime Minister incites foreign countries to the Algerian people during his foreign tour.

In another context, called on the member of the governing body of the National Liberation Front on Monday evening all political forces to engage in the road map (the national university) called by Bouteflika, stressing that all proposals that try to create vacancies in the institutions of the state may lead to chaos.

After a meeting of the Commission, Khaldun told reporters that the proposal to create a presidential body is rejected because it will reproduce the experience of 1992 and try to involve the army in the process, so work on the road map is the best option this time.

Khaldoun reiterated that the party stood by the movement and called for the need to preserve its peaceful character, accusing some "parties" behind the anti-party slogans and some television channels of trying to harm the party by distorting the facts.