Microsoft president Brad Smith promised to provide the US military with the best technology at the US company, including artificial intelligence technology.

Smith made the remarks in an interview with Maria Partiromo on Fox Business Network on Wednesday, adding that artificial intelligence enters the world of armies around the world, and that the United States has the best technology companies in the world.

Although technical support for the US military by technology companies is clear and needs no confirmation, Brad Smith's comments come as part of the Pentagon's emphasis on its ability to take the place of other companies.

Earlier this year, Google staff voted in protest at the Marvin Project, a pilot program with the Pentagon to provide image technology supported by the artificial intelligence of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The company's employees did not want to use artificial intelligence to manufacture weapons, and the company succumbed to their wishes and lost their place in the lucrative defense market.

Microsoft and Amazon showed their willingness to take Google's role in the deal. The largest US technology companies, such as Microsoft, are already making big money from technology sales to the US federal government and military agencies.

The Bloomberg agency said only one contract to provide the CIA with Microsoft cloud services, which occurred earlier this year, will bring hundreds of millions of dollars.

Amazon has taken a similar position with Microsoft to support the US military, as the Pentagon is about to give a $ 10 billion contract to a single cloud provider - perhaps Amazon - unless other competitors such as Microsoft and Oracle can convince him to split the project among many providers.

It should be noted that Google has withdrawn from this deal also because it may conflict with their values, according to the company's statement.