A British passenger plane crashes "in error" in Scotland instead of Germany

LONDON (Reuters) - British Airways said it was investigating why the captain of one of its planes lost his way and landed in Scotland instead of Germany, the destination of the flight.

The plane was supposed to be heading for Düsseldorf, Germany, but passengers were surprised by the captain of the plane telling them in a loudspeaker that the plane would soon land in the Scottish capital of Edmbera, about 800 kilometers from their destination.

According to British Airways, there was no technical problem - as it comes to mind - and no passengers caused what happened, but the German company WDL Aviation - which carried out the flight on behalf of British Airways - made a mistake in announcing its plan.

"We are currently working with WDL to determine why a wrong flight plan was made," a British Airways spokeswoman said.

After refueling, the plane finally headed for Düsseldorf, in the opposite direction, landing after a delay of more than three and a half hours.

According to one passenger, Sophie Cook, waiting on board the plane in Edinburgh was "very frustrating" as toilets were closed and there were no snacks.

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