The accident news of the elementary school student on the highway is shocking.

On the 29th of local time, foreigners such as Shanghai East of China reported about the accident that occurred on the highway of Jiangxi Province.

Last Sunday, a driver on a highway witnessed a dangerous scene. An elementary school student was standing with his upper body over the car's sunroof.

A little later, a sign of a somewhat lower height appeared in the middle of the road, but the boy did not escape into the car. After all, the boy, who kept his posture upright, hit his head on the sign and collapsed and could not get up.

Afterwards, the accidental footage of a shocking scene was quickly shared on social media and shocked the netizens.

According to local media, unfortunately the 13 - year - old boy actually died from the shock at the time of the accident. But it was not known exactly why the boy did not avoid himself at the time, and why other family members in the car could not stop the accident.

It is 'news pick'.

(Photo = YouTube Yoo n)