"I had to fight frost": firefighters did not have time to save the mother and child of a large family because of the slippery road

The prosecutor's office of the Vladimir region began checking upon the death of the mother of a large family of Yulia Groza and her child during a fire. Husband and three children managed to get out of a burning house. According to eyewitnesses, Julia also ran out into the street, but returned to the building, trying to save her five-year-old son. Meanwhile, the neighbors of the family of the deceased believe that firefighters could save a woman and a child if the utilities cleared the way. The Ministry of Emergency Situations unit confirmed that the rescuers had to use special equipment to cope with the ice. However, the local administration claimed to keep the road in proper condition, and the ice was formed on the night of the tragedy.

In the Vladimir region, law enforcement agencies understand the circumstances of the death of the mother of many children, Yulia Groza, and her child. Locals claim that the fire calculations could not drive up to the house because of the ice.

The fire occurred on March 14 in the village of Bogoslovo, Suzdal district, in the house of the 37-year-old teacher of the Vladimir branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Yulia Groza. At the time of the fire, there were six people in the building: Julia, her husband, and children.

As the locals told RT, the husband and three older children of Yulia, an 18-year-old daughter and two sons of 8 and 10 years old, were able to get out of the fire on their own. The woman, according to eyewitnesses, also ran out of the house, but then came back after her younger five-year-old son. After the flames were eliminated, rescuers found their bodies under the rubble.

Icy road

On the street, where the burnt house stands, there are mainly summer cottages. According to local residents, many summer residents live here in winter.

“Julia Groza and her family were just from“ summer residents ”. The woman was not even registered in a burnt house, ”told RT in the administration of the municipal formation Novoaleksandrovskoe.

Residents of the village of Theologian believe that Julia and her son could have time to save, but the fire truck could not immediately drive to the house because of the icy road.

“On this street, the road goes uphill, to an elevation. I can't even drive there in a jeep, I constantly have to drive around this area, ”Natalya Glukhova, a resident of the Theologian, told RT.

She also recalled that on the eve of the fire, residents of houses on Dachnaya Street had repeatedly appealed to the administration of the municipality with a request to clear the icy road.

However, the administration of the municipal formation Novoaleksandrovskoe deny this information.

“Everything is cleaned here. And the ice on the road was formed due to the fact that after a long warming at night a frost hit, ”the administration said.

It should be noted that none of the eyewitnesses to the fire interviewed by RT saw with my own eyes how the fire truck stalled. This moment is not found on the video of the elimination of the fire spread by the inhabitants of the Theologian in social networks.

The press service of the Emergencies Ministry in the Vladimir region claims that firefighters arrived at the site within 10 minutes after the call received at 5:52 am.

“To eliminate the fire, 33 employees of the territorial division of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia and 11 pieces of equipment were involved, and the flames were completely extinguished at 7:28 - about an hour and a half after the firemen arrived,” the department said.

Meanwhile, the deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Vladimir region, Pavel Litov, told the local media that the ice on the road prevented firefighters from approaching the burning house.

“During the operation of the fire fighting equipment, we faced the fact that the road leading to this house on the rise had a very slippery surface. Fire departments had to deal with this frost using special equipment and winches, ”he said.

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The prosecutor's office of the Vladimir region began checking compliance with the law on the maintenance of roads by local authorities, said RT Senior Assistant Prosecutor for Relations with the Media and the Public, Victoria Turkova.

“The prosecutor’s office is checking the information that the fire truck could not immediately get to the burning house because of the long uncleaned road in the village. Following the results of the inspection, the prosecutor's office will assess the actions of the village and district administrations, as well as the degree of provision of the settlement with the necessary fire-fighting equipment, ”the supervisory agency noted.

On the fact of the death of a large mother and child in the village of Theologian, a criminal case was also initiated under Part 3 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“causing death by negligence to two persons”), according to the website of the regional administration of the Investigative Committee. Now as one of the main versions of the fire is considered a short circuit in the mains.

On March 15, the governor of the region, Vladimir Sipagin, arrived in the village of Bogoslovo, where the mother and child of many children died. He had a meeting with his grandmother, who now has the children of the Thunderstorm who survived the fire. The governor instructed to provide the affected family with all the necessary support, and promised to discuss the problem of road maintenance with the head of the municipality.

Yulia Groza, who was killed in a fire, was a candidate of law, an associate professor of the theory and law department at the Vladimir branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Mother of many children also managed to build a career in the Vladimir prosecutor's office, where she worked from 2003 to 2011.

Her father, Alexander Averin, is also a lawyer, LL.D., professor and renowned lawyer. At one time he worked as a judge, from the beginning of the two thousandth - a lawyer.

Just a couple of months ago, the high-profile case of the murder of a 25-year-old football player in Sobinka was completed. Alexander Averin represented the interests of the mother of the deceased.

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