The judge has decided that Televizier is not obliged to let the

Gossip talk



again in their award ceremony.

In its judgment, the Midden-Nederland District Court does state that Televizier acted "carelessly".

Program makers Jan Roos and Dennis Schouten went to court because, according to them, the program had been unlawfully removed from the list.

Gossip talk



from the selection of the Televizier-Ster for Online-


by Televizier after Roos and Schouten were previously told that they could participate if they received enough preferential votes despite their absence on the list of nominees.

Despite sufficient preference votes, Televizier decided to exclude Gossip talk, because it would offend groups in society.

Roos and Schouten then summoned the Televizier organization to include the program in the selection again, but that did not happen.

That's why they went to court.

The organization may exclude participants, but the way in which this was done is careless, according to the judge.

However, that doesn't mean that


should be put back on the list.

This is because it has not been established that the exclusion from the election resulted in damage to the program makers.

Schouten and Roos wanted a decision quickly and that is why the judge only made a decision on Monday.

The elaboration of the judgment will follow in two weeks.