Dennis Schouten and Jan Roos are going to file summary proceedings against Televizier, because their program

Gossip Talk

is excluded from participating in the Golden Televizier election.

Schouten reports on Twitter that they are going to court.

"Let's all show that the Televizier does not determine what is and is not good in the world", the presenter calls on his followers.

Roos already announced on Twitter earlier today that he was talking to a lawyer about summary proceedings against Televizier.

The duo announced yesterday that they had received an email from Televizier, stating that they no longer have a chance to win the Televizier-Ster for the most popular online video series.

The reason given was that


would offend groups in society.

This can also be read in a statement from Televizier on Twitter, which states that such a series should not compete for a prize like this."

Gossip talk

was previously not on the longlist of programs from which to choose, but because the show was filled in so often as free choice, it still obtained enough votes to continue to the next round. Televizier subsequently decided to exclude the program from participation.