Supporters of football club De Graafschap assaulted a press photographer and assaulted other journalists in the night from Friday to Saturday at the stadium of the club in Doetinchem.

The photographer was jumped and beaten by five people, his colleague reports.

He sustained hand injuries while trying to protect his equipment.

The photographer who works for a photo press agency has said he has reported assault.

Reporters from

Omroep Gelderland

were also attacked by supporters.

The journalists then left the stadium, the channel reports in the night from Friday to Saturday.

According to the police, no arrests have yet been made.

Violence against journalists has increased sharply in recent months, according to the PersVeilig platform.

Last month, a press photographer and his girlfriend were injured when bystanders pushed their car into a ditch with a shovel.

In March, reporters from PowNed and RTV Rijnmond, among others, were attacked when they wanted to report to churches that opened their doors to a large audience despite the corona measures.

Supporters De Graafschap were waiting for players

About two hundred supporters had come to the stadium to greet the players' bus returning from Amsterdam.

They did this to encourage the team, which saw no promotion to the Eredivisie, to support them.

The mayor of the city had previously called for people to stay at home.

De Graafschap drew 1-1 against Young Ajax on Friday evening.

With a victory, promotion to the Eredivisie would have been a fact.

The team can still force promotion on Wednesday if it wins the last game of the competition.

The players were welcomed with chants and fireworks.

The gates of the stadium had been opened.

There was a large police force on its feet and a drone flew above the stadium, but the police did not intervene.

Most of the supporters left quite quickly when the players entered.