Former president of the United States Barack Obama

talks to writer Tommy Wieringa

in the current affairs

program Nieuwsuur


The conversation was prompted by Obama's memoirs, broadcaster NTR announced on Monday.

Obama will release the nearly 800-page first volume of his memoirs on Tuesday, titled

A Promised Land


To sell the book, the former president will talk to five main characters in the literary world from different European countries.

In Spain, for example, he speaks to author Isabel Allende.

The conversation between Obama and Wieringa took place in Washington and was about authorship and the current political situation in the US.

The conversation that Wieringa, known from books such as

Joe Speedboot




These are the names

and as a columnist for

NRC Handelsblad

, had with Obama on Tuesday 17 November at 9.30 pm on NPO2.

A Promised Land is released

on the same day