Famke Louise and Tim Douwsma say on Tuesday that the celebrity campaign #ikdoenietmeermee has been misunderstood by the general public.

Louise says in


that it was never her intention to call on her followers to no longer adhere to the corona rules of the government.

Douwsma stated that in retrospect the hashtag was chosen incorrectly.

The 21-year-old singer states that with her appeal she wanted to achieve that the cabinet shows more sympathy to the young people who are concerned about the measures.


Tuesday she spoke in


with Diederik Gommers, president of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care.

She told him that the first lockdown had no effect.

In addition, she said that older people are just as guilty of violating corona measures as young people.

Gommers refuted these arguments and invited Louise and other young people to talk to him.

Louise wanted to emphasize that she does not deny that COVID-19 exists and that she achieved what she wanted through her call.

"We needed this hashtag to get attention."

Much criticism of # ikdoenietmeermee call

Louise, who has more than a million followers, received a lot of criticism on Tuesday from people who were angry about the call she and dozens of other celebrities made via social media.

“The longer we live in corona time in 2020, the more I am convinced that the measures and all their consequences are worse than the ailment,” the YouTuber wrote on Instagram Monday.

The celebrities also came up with a list of questions that, according to them, were hardly answered by the government.

NU.nl came to the conclusion, however, that the answers to those questions are available and listed this on Tuesday.



reported on Tuesday that Louise was paid by the national government earlier this year for her participation in a campaign to remind young people to adhere to the corona measures.


#ikdoenietmeermee: 'A singer does not understand viruses'

Douwsma: 'I am not a virus denier'

Just like Louise, singer Douwsma was also allowed to explain on Tuesday in a talk show about why he took part in the call.



he first wanted to correct that he is not a virus denier, as he had been said by many people, but rather a "concerned citizen" who "is critical and has certain question marks".

Douwsma, who stated that he had a wide reach with his social media, finds afterwards that the hashtag was chosen incorrectly.

According to him, the goal of being heard has been achieved.

He argued that the consequences of the measures are incalculable.

"28 million operations have been delayed," said Douwsma.

That statement was immediately refuted by doctors who were also invited by the television program.

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