Due to the bad news that usually dominates the front page of NU.nl, the good news often falls away.

That is why we make an overview of the positive and cheerful news of the past days.

The Netherlands has a new ant species: the four-spot ant

A new ant species has emerged in the Netherlands.

The radio program

Vroege Vogels

announced the discovery of the four-spot ant on Sunday morning.

The ant was discovered by insect expert John Cox near the Brabant river Dommel.

The animal probably came to the Netherlands due to climate change, according to experts from EIS Knowledge Center Insects.

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Less space required on ICs due to shorter hospital stay for corona patients

Corona patients spend less time in intensive care compared to March and April.

As a result, less space is needed on the IC to receive patients, Diederik Gommers, chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NVIC), confirms to NU.nl on Tuesday after a report from

De Gelderlander


The short hospital stay is probably caused by other treatment methods, says Gommers.

"But that cannot be said with certainty."

In addition, more patients survive when they lie on the IC.

In March and April, nearly 30 percent of the corona patients who came to the ICU died, now that is 15 percent.

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Rare white dolphin returned off Hong Kong coast

The rare Chinese white dolphin has returned off the coast of Hong Kong.

Due to the corona measures, it is much quieter in the coastal area: normally ferries sail over the water and planes take off near them.


Corona measures ensure the return of rare dolphin to Hong Kong

Venus's atmosphere could potentially support extraterrestrial life

A rare substance, phosphine, has been found in the atmosphere of the planet Venus, which is only known on Earth in the emission of factories or micro-organisms.

This could indicate that life can be found in the atmosphere of our solar system's second-innermost planet, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) reported Monday.

ESO says there has been speculation for years about possible life in the atmosphere of Venus.

On the surface it is too hot with more than 420 degrees Celsius, but high above that surface it is 30 degrees, considerably more pleasant.

If these organisms are indeed there, they should be able to withstand the extremely acidic clouds above the planet.

These consist of 90 percent sulfuric acid.

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American billionaire donates entire fortune before his death

Chuck Feeney, 89, has donated his entire assets to charity.

The millionaire wanted to do that before his death, and has succeeded, reports



In nearly four decades, Feeney has distributed at least $ 9 billion (nearly € 7.6 billion).

The American built his fortune with his company Duty Free Shoppers, whose shares he sold for billions of dollars.

However, due to his advanced age, Feeney wanted to get rid of the fortune, "because you cannot take it into the grave".

Images of wolf cubs playing have surfaced in Belgian Limburg

The Institute for Nature and Forest Research has shared new images of three wolf cubs in Belgian Limburg.

At the beginning of August, images of four cubs were distributed.

The fourth cub would not have been seen for several weeks.


New images of wolf cubs playing in Belgian Limburg

Editor Henk Van Eeghen wins Emmy for editing


Dutch editor Henk Van Eeghen has won a Creative Arts Emmy for the editing of the action series


Van Eeghen did not expect to win, because he had already done so in 2010, he told NU.nl from Los Angeles.

In 2010, Van Eeghen received an Emmy for his contribution to the Lost series.

The nomination for


was Van Eeghen's sixth chance at the award.

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Lord of the Rings

trilogy is coming back to theaters in October

The expanded versions of

Peter Jackson


Lord of the Rings

trilogy will be shown in theaters again in October.

Distributor Warner Bros.

let you know on Thursday.

The first film,

The Fellowship of the Ring, will

run from October 8.


he Two Towers will

follow on October 15 and

The Return

of the King

will be released on October 22


Ticket sales will start on Friday, September 18.

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Organization: Songfestival will continue anyway

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will continue anyway.

The organization reports on Friday afternoon that there are four different scenarios, but that one participant will be declared the winner in 2021.

The development of the coronavirus affects which scenario is used.

There is a scenario in which the Eurovision Song Contest takes place on location with an audience as planned, but there is also a scenario in which participants who cannot travel to the Netherlands perform from their own country.

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