In Bayonne in south-western France, strangers attacked a bus driver and injured them life threatening The man had brain deaths in the hospital, several media reported. The police launched a witness call to determine the exact nature of the crime.

According to initial reports, the driver in Bayonne, near the Spanish border, rejected four people at a stop on Sunday evening. According to the reports, they wanted to get on the bus without a protective mask and valid tickets. A man then hit the bus driver violently on the head from behind.

The AFP news agency reported that the bus driver had refused access to a man without a protective mask who wanted to get on with a dog. He then asked several people who were already on the bus without a mask to get out. According to the report, he was attacked out of the group. Five people were arrested after the crime, the radio station France Bleu reported , citing the responsible public prosecutor. There was different information about the age of the bus driver.

The bus drove for a transport network in the rural region in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. In response to the attack on their colleague, reports say that bus drivers in the network exercised their right to temporarily stop working due to high mental stress. The transport by bus was therefore largely suspended on Monday, France Bleu reported . The drivers also wanted to suspend their work on Tuesday. Psychological support was provided for the bus driver.