The winners of the De Tegels journalistic prizes were announced on Monday during a live broadcast from the Central Library in The Hague. De Tegel is the most important journalistic prize awarded in the Netherlands.

The Tile in the news category went to NOS and NRC journalists Ben Meindertsma, Lex Runderkamp, ​​Kees Versteegh and Jannie Schipper for reporting on the Dutch air attack in Iraq in 2015.

In the reporting category, the prize went to Yelle Tiedeman, Peter Koop, Carla van der Wal and Tobias den Hartog for their report on the Utrecht tram attack.

The Monday before the ceremony, it was announced that Pieter Klein ( RTL Nieuws ) and Jan Kleinnijenhuis ( Trouw ) have won a Tile for their investigation of abuses at the Tax Authorities. It was also previously known that NRC editors receive a Tile for their backstory about a professor who had to leave the University of Amsterdam after transgressive behavior.

De Tegel has been awarded annually since 2007 and is a recognition and tribute to journalists who have contributed to the maintenance and improvement of the quality of Dutch-language journalism. In addition, the prize is an encouragement for journalistic talent.

The award ceremony consists of two parts, the remaining winner will be announced Monday evening.

The winners of De Tegels 2020

  • News -
  • Reporting / reporting - Yelle Tiedeman, Peter Koop, Carla van der Wal, Tobias den Hartog
  • Background / interpretation - Clara van de Wiel and Hugo Logtenberg (NRC)
  • Interview - Coen Verbraak
  • Research - Pieter Klein (RTL News) and Jan Kleinnijenhuis (Trouw)
  • Regional / local -
  • Abroad - Sietsma and Luuk Mulder
  • Pioneers -
  • CBS DataTile -
  • Camera work / the StorimansTile -
  • Text -
  • Audio -
  • Online -
  • Audience Award -