Vessels suspected of violating “sanctions resolution” No entry into port in Japan No official violations Secretary-General Oct. 21 13:20

For a ship that was banned from entering Korea due to a breach of a sanctions resolution against North Korea, the chief secretary of the secretary knew at the press conference that he had entered the port of Japan. It was revealed that no facts that violated the transportation or domestic laws were confirmed.

The South Korean government has taken measures to ban Japan from entering the port of several vessels suspected of violating sanctions resolutions of the UN Security Council, such as loading coal from North Korea. Points out that he has entered the port.

In connection with this, Secretary of Secretary Jun said at a press conference in the morning that he knew that the ship that was pointed out had entered Japan's port even after the Korean government banned it. .

In addition, “When entering the port, the relevant ministries and agencies are conducting on-site inspections based on the relevant laws and regulations. It has been reported that there has been no confirmation of transporting North Korean coal or violating domestic laws so far. "