Abukuma Express starts free bus operation.

Due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, the railways that pass through Kakuda City in Miyagi Prefecture and the neighboring Marumori Town are still out of service, so the free bus service started on the 21st, and many people use it for commuting and attending school. It was.

Abukuma through the Kakuda and marumori express train, while out damage or cut the overhead line Dari flows into earth and sand to the line under the influence of the typhoon from Tsukinoki Station in Miyagi Prefecture Yanagawa Station in Fukushima Prefecture is standing the prospect of resuming the operation Not.

For this reason, a free bus service will start in the morning and evening from March 21st to Marumori Station, Kakuda Station, and Kashiwagi Station. At the platform in front of Kakuda Station, there are over 70 people heading for Sendai by commuting or going to school after 6 am. I was on the bus one after another.

A man in his fifties working in Sendai said, “Bus service is helpful. I want the railway to resume within the year.”

In addition, a female university student attending a university in Sendai said, “I was saved because my car was in the water and I could n’t go to university last week. I ’m looking forward to meeting my friends after a long time.”

Mr. Shinji Suzuki of Abukyu Express said, “I was relieved to see the customer's face. I am still inconvenienced, but all employees will do their best to resume driving as soon as possible.”