Damage to the horticultural soil “Kanuma-do” production facility.

In the Hadano area of ​​Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, which suffered large-scale flood damage, a facility that produces special horticultural soil was also washed away by flooded river water, and some farmers are considering closing their business. .

Kanuma City, flooded by the river Typhoon No. 19 in the typhoon No. 19 and flooded in a wide area, is known as a horticultural soil producing area called “Kanuma Soil”.

Among them, Yasuhisa Sakata (68), who produces soil for horticulture in the Hadano area, was swept away by the river water flooded with agricultural houses to dry the soil.

It means that the machine that packs the soil in the bag is also in the water.

Mr. Sakata has been producing soil for 35 years, but because of the damage, he is considering closing out.

Sakata-san said, “I thought I would continue for another 6 to 7 years, but I can't continue because of the damage. I never imagined that I had to think about closing my business in this way.” It was.