National Diet question Suspected leakage Opposition party to notify in simple form October 17 18:42

The opposition party asked the government and the ruling party to elucidate the truth and prevent recurrence, and for the time being, a concise statement was made that there was a suspicion that the contents of the Diet question notified to the government were leaked to the outside before the committee was held. Decided a policy to notify the question in the form.

The National Democratic Party, etc., said that Mr. Yuko Mori, who stood on the question at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on the 15th, announced the question to the government so that the ministers could answer carefully. We are embarking on an investigation.

In response to this, chairs of the opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party met on the 17th in the National Assembly, and compiled a statement requesting the government and the ruling party to clarify the truth and prevent recurrence.

In the statement, he pointed out, "This case is a problem that violates the right to ask questions in the Diet of the Diet members and shakes the foundations of democracy." , In a concise format.

After the meeting, the chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party's response to the Azumi National Assembly said to the reporters that "the person who got the information got 'from the government office'. “It ’s bad if you ’re running in. It ’s a violation of the rules and could be a serious problem.”