Flooding damage at 34 listed companies "Concerns spreading to the whole country" Credit research company October 17 18:25

The impact of typhoon No. 19 on production activities is spreading. We found that 34 listed companies affected buildings and production facilities due to inundation and other damage.

A private credit research company, Tokyo Shoko Research, summarized the impact of Typhoon No. 19 announced by listed companies on the 16th.

According to it, 40 companies had some effects including temporary store closures. Of these, 34 companies reported that their buildings and production facilities were damaged or damaged, affecting their business. In addition, twelve companies say that their products are damaged, such as being wet, and that their operations are hindered due to the suspension of factory operations and disruption of the distribution network.

Automaker SUBARU has been suspended from Gunma Prefecture's car production plant since the afternoon of the 16th, because its suppliers have been unable to procure parts due to damage.

Okamoto, which manufactures daily necessaries such as wrapping film, has been almost completely submerged in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, and has stopped operating. The goods in stock were damaged.

According to a credit bureau, "If there is a prolonged stagnation of logistics or short supply of parts, there is a concern that the impact will spread nationwide through the parts procurement network, the so-called supply chain."