China 100th Anniversary of Zheng Yang Zhenyang No re-evaluation movement observed 17:11 on October 17

It was 100 years in 17 days from the birth of former General Secretary General Xiaoyang who lost his understanding to students seeking democratization in the Tiananmen incident in Beijing, China 30 years ago. A former secretary with the aim of democratizing politics gathered.

The Chinese general secretary Yuan Zhenyang was criticized in the leadership and was detained at the Tiananmen Incident in Beijing in 1989 because he showed understanding to the democratic students. Passed away.

On the 17th, 100 years after the birth of General Secretary General Roh, relatives and former entourage gathered at the house, where they were locked up, democratizing politics by handing flowers to the altar set in the former study room The former general secretary who aimed for

On the other hand, publicly speaking about the achievements of General Secretary Yuan in China was still viewed as taboo after 30 years, and many police officers were stationed around the house to monitor people coming and going.

ChoHajime democratization of the general secretary is aimed politics is stagnant boundary of the Tiananmen Square incident, the walk has been pointed out that retreated under Xi Jinping Jintao to promote the over-concentration of power.

Whether it ousted the ChoHajime honor recovery of the general secretary is done, but can be thought of as a indicator to determine the attitude of the political reform of China, a movement that Xi Jinping leadership is to re-evaluate the ChoHajime General Secretary is not observed, The Chinese media have not reported anything about the 100th year of birth on the 17th.

The eldest daughter "Sadness is not clear"

In January, Mr. Wang Shonan, the eldest daughter who responded to NHK's interview on the day of the former General Secretary of Shenyang Yang, said, “It is very sad that the father's guilt has not been cleared for 30 years. It is a loss, and the government should know that it should really restore honor. "