On Wednesday, the Nobel Committee awards the highest award in chemistry. Who is honored, the jury announces at 11.45 clock at the earliest. Only when the award winner knows the public will the public be informed. Whom the committee honors and why, you can trace up in the livestream.

Most recently, the jury awarded the biochemist Frances Arnold half of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The other half split in 2018 George Smith and molecular biologist Sir Gregory Winter. The researchers have succeeded in allowing the evolution of enzymes in the test tube to be completed in a short time and thus to be used for very specific purposes. They were able to use the naturally occurring evolution artificially - experts call this "directed evolution". For example, this biotechnology technology is used today to develop biofuels or agents that degrade toxins in the industry.

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The winners in the categories Medicine and Physics have already been announced

On Monday, the Nobel Prize of the Karolinska Institute announced the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine: William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza from the US, and Briton Peter Ratcliffe. They were honored for their discoveries on how cells adapt to hypoxia (read a detailed report here). On Tuesday, the Nobel Prize for physics followed. Half of them were given the cosmologist James Peebles for his discoveries on the origin of the universe and the other the Swiss Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz for the discovery of an exoplanet, which revolves around a sun-like star.

The awards will be handed over on December 10, the day of death of the founder Alfred Nobel. The Nobel Prize winners will receive a certificate and the golden medal Nobel shows in Oslo. In addition, they will receive a prize money of currently nine million Swedish kroner, the equivalent of around 830,000 euros.

Read here in detail, about the Nobel Laureate 2019, who have discovered a switch that ensures breathing. And about the Nobel Prize winners in physics, who help us understand the genesis of the universe. On Thursday, 10 October, the Nobel Prize for Literature will be awarded - twice this year. You can watch the announcement from 11 o'clock on ZEIT ONLINE live. The complete coverage of the 2019 Nobel Prizes can be found on this page.