Rugby World Cup Japanese team forwards enthusiasm before the opening game September 17th 19:54

The Japanese players practiced in Tokyo for the Rugby World Cup opening on the 20th, and the forward players who formed Scrum, one of the points of the game in the opening game against Russia, expressed their enthusiasm.

The Japanese national team is camping in Tokyo for the opening game with Russia on the 20th of this month.

On the 17th, the first 15 minutes of the practice were revealed, and forward players, including Captain's Reach Michael, confirmed sign-playing in the lineout.

Russia is ranked 20th in the world ranking and below Japan's 10th, but the physical strength is strong, and the battle with scrum is one of the points of the game.

After practice, the front row of scrum, Prop Gu Ji-won said, “Russia has strength and weight. A good scrum was built in the test match we played last November, but we can't be careful. I want to be conscious of going in the same direction while feeling other players. "

In addition, coach Hasegawa Shin, who is in charge of scrums, said, “Russia is big with South Africa, who played against the other day.

The members of the Japanese national team will be announced on the 18th.