A local council member with a disability appeals for a better support system. August 25, Tokyo, 19:20

Two people with serious disabilities were elected in the House of Councilors election last month, and the way people with disabilities are participating in politics is attracting attention. Under these circumstances, local lawmakers with disabilities gathered in Tokyo on the 25th and appealed to improve their support system for promoting political activities.

An organization made up of local council members with disabilities, the “Network for Promoting the Independence and Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities,” hosted a national convention in Tokyo, attended by approximately 30 people.

Among them, Aichi prefecture council members who have a hearing disability said that they had to search for sign language interpreters themselves, and they were expensive. Is self-paying. "

In addition, Kumamoto town council members who have disabilities in the wheelchair and are active in wheelchairs state that they are not able to perform satisfactory political activities due to low remuneration, etc. There were a number of requests for “barrier-free” by the assembly, including the improvement of facilities and the repair of facilities.

Representative Hiromi Hamada of the Saitama City Council, who is the representative of the organization, said, “All of these are important issues for us to solve. The number of members with disabilities will continue to increase and we will continue to improve our lives. I wanted to aim. "