In the first eleven months of this year, the same amount of renewable energy was generated in the Netherlands as in the whole of 2020. This is apparent from monthly figures from, a partnership between Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, grid operator TenneT and Gasunie.

Of all energy generated last month, 26.5 percent was renewable.

That is slightly more than in November last year.

The yield of wind energy was disappointing in November: it was 20 percent lower than the same month last year.

This decline has been compensated for by, among other things, co-firing biomass.

Renewable energy, also known as sustainable or green energy, comes from natural sources such as wind, sun, hydropower and biomass.

By 2030, at least 70 percent of the energy in our country must come from renewable sources.

The increase that can be seen this year was in line with expectations, says a spokesperson for

"Many new solar panels have been installed this year and various wind farms have been added. An increase is a logical consequence."

The spokesman also says that the omens for achieving the aforementioned 70 percent are good.

"If we keep going like this, we're going to make it."

He does indicate that there may be a problem with the current power grid.

"There are signs that it is difficult for the grid to cope, especially in the future. That will be a challenge."